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As we all know traditional farming can be very expensive, and does not guarantee results.  That's why we have developed the Total Farm system to help you hyper-focus and farm smarter, more effective, and more cost efficient.  

Today social media seems to be the most cost efficient and effective form marketing, this is why we have integrated this new  FaceBook export feature into the Total Farm system.  This new export feature allows you to upload your geographic farm into your Facebook custom audiences for ad campaigns.  Now you can specifically target the owners of your farms through FaceBook.  Plus, with Total Farm's ability to break down any farm into micro farms, you are able to custom tailor each of your ad campaigns to a specific target audience within that geographic farm.  For example, new owners, empty nesters, sweet spot sellers, etc.

Stop using the shot gun approach to farming. With the evolution of cutting edge technology there is no reason why you can't farm smarter and more efficiently than your competitors. Our revolutionary new version of Total Farm makes it even easier to Hyper Focus on the many different segments and Micro Farms within every farm area. Hyper Focusing is the key to increasing customer response rates, because you can specifically tailor your message to better reach your target audience. And, by doing this you not only increase your response rate, but you can also choose to avoid certain segments and lower your marketing costs.

Total Farm 3.5 is a live interactive farming system that automatically updates your farms, sends you custom notifications with any changes, breaks every farm into micro farms, and yes it also has triggers for any documents recorded on a property within the farm such as; NOD, NOT, Births, Deaths, Divorce, Bankruptcy, etc.

You can even load your personal social farm and make them live and self updating, taking advantage of all the other features as well.  Managing and maintaining your farm has never been this easy.

Click here for instant ACCESS,, contact me direct.

DJ Bibb

Vice President


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