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Fidelity Agent One, Real Estate Finance made Easy

Fidelity AgentONE is by far the most popular Buyer Cost and Sellers Net sheet

app in the market today. Quickly create a professional Buyer Cost Sheet by only

entering the purchase price. Then with one touch, txt or email it directly to your

customer or prospect. Seller Net Sheets are as easy to create and the app has a

number of marketing flyers.

In this market, we are still seeing multiple offers on some listings. When they do come in,  it’s sometimes hard to understand how each offer stacks up. Fidelity AgentONE has always had a Multiple offer feature to help with this. This will allow your seller to see each offer next to each other so they can see which one is the best one for them.

Buyers haven’t really changed over the years but they now want information at their fingertips. So, if you are sitting at an open house, talking to someone at a baseball game or grocery store, you need to have Fidelity AgnetONE.

Learn more about Fidelity Agent One by clicking the Icon below, or contact me direct.


DJ Bibb

Vice President


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