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SoCal Comps just updated! This site updates every two weeks, check out the latest sales in your area.

Click Link for Free Access

With more and more sales occurring off market, keeping up with the comps through the MLS alone can be very challenging.

This is why our SoCal Comps web site has been created to provide our customers with a resource to research sales activity within each city or area across SoCal. The site is updated twice a month with the most recent sales and is broken down by SFR, Vacant Land, Commercial and Condo/townhomes. Customer can look at each month or past 3 months or 6 months and see which properties have sold and whether or not the sale was on or off market.

To explore the SoCal Comps website and pull comps in your area for free, simply click the link below.


DJ Bibb

Vice President


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