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National Cybersecurity Awarenss Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awarenss Month (NCSAM) and Fidelity National Title is taking this opportunity to increase awareness about cybersecurity.

Keep an eye out each Tuesday this month for an email with tips for keeping both you and your clients cyber-safe.

Own It.

OWN your online safety by taking proactive steps to ensure your information is secure.

Only use sites that begin with https:// when shopping or banking online.Understand the personal information you knowingly (or unknowingly) put on social media.Don’t respond or click on links from people or organizations you don’t recognize.Never share your personal information if you’re unsure who’s asking.

Secure It.

SECURE your devices and accounts with added layers of security.

Always lock your laptop or mobile device when not in use and never leave them unattended in a public place.Apply multi-factor authentication to your personal accounts where available.Use the longest password possible and be creative. Check your app permissions frequently.

Protect It.

PROTECT your information by practicing good cyber hygiene at home and in the workplace.

Look for the “green lock” icon when online, it signifies a secure connection.Use your personal hotspot in public places, they’re more secure than free WIFI.Make sure you’re using the latest security software, web browser, and operating system.Secure your WIFI network and digital devices by changing the factory set password and username.


DJ Bibb

Vice President


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Sep 19, 2020

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