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Who do you Trust?

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Fraud is Real. If a guarantee is only as good as who is issuing it, the question is, who do you trust?

Every day we Trust. We trust Google with our searches, with our emails, we use our credit cards, we enter our personal information and our passwords into different websites on our phones, computers, and other devices. Every day you hear about different entities being hacked, whether it’s a DoorDash, a big department store, FaceBook, a bank, etc.

So much in this world has come down to who do you Trust?

I trust my bank, because I know its insured by the FDIC. I trust American Express, because they always reimburse me when there are fraudulent charges. Who do you trust to protect the Title to your Real Estate, or that of your clients?

If a guarantee is only as good as the company that you Trust to back it, don’t you want the strongest Title company in the nation to be the one holding your Policy?

Fidelity National Title Group and its team underwriters are the nation’s leading provider of title insurance, and issue more title policies than any other company. FNF has nearly $1.5 Billion in claims reserves to back their policies, more than any other title company.

Why Trust or refer your clients to anyone less.


DJ Bibb

Vice President


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